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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Keeping your skin moisturised this Winter C/O Pure Paw Paw Ointment

 Hello guys and welcome back to my blog.

Today I bring you my latest collaboration with a company who I have just come across, Pure Paw Paw. Pure Paw Paw is a soothing and smoothing ointment which is a balm. This moisturises and you can use it on your lips, nails, cuticles, elbows and heels!

The balm is made from natural fruit extracts and although they smell wonderful they are actually fragrance free! And best of all, they are vegan friendly and never test on animals. 

This ointment comes in different scents which smell delicious! I very kindly got sent the Strawberry and Watermelon fragrance and I was so glad as I love these scents in particular. They also come in grape and passion fruit scent to. They are actually 25g, which makes them a good size for your handbag!

Why use Pure Paw Paw this winter?

This will help soothe and moisturise skin during Winter and keep it looking it's best! From personal experience I have used this on my lips as I get really dry lips during Winter. You literally only need a little dot and a little goes a long way! Which means it is going to last me during the whole Season!

Thank you guys at Pure Paw Paw for bringing such a good remedy for Winter this year.

Have a gooden',

Check out the website here, £5.95 per 25g tube

Disclaimer; This was a collaboration with Pure Paw Paw, I got sent the products to review. All photos, words and opinions, my own. 


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Joanie Christmas Party Event!

Hello you lovely people and welcome back to my blog.

It's very almost December, pretty much in arms reach! I'm so excited for the festive month to be here. I love Christmas, it is most definitely the most favourite part of the year for me, personally. Apart from my birthday when this is just my day and I don't have to share it with everybody else! (LOL, jokes of course).  

I got invited to my first Christmas party of the year! The party was based in the heart of Manchester at a location called Leaf, on Portland street. It was the launch of the A/W collection of the lovely brand, Joanie. (If you are not aware of the brand Joanie, the gorgeous clothing is vintage inspired with a mix of mod! Totally versatile for many styles and sizes to, the website includes dresses, outerwear, jumpers and much more. - oh and lets not forget the most beautiful but subtle festive jumpers ;))

I was so excited when asked to attend and jumped at the opportunity and said YES! I was so happy when my lovely friends, Emma (Terrible Tumble) and Imogen from (Imogen Rose) were also attending. Not forgetting, I met some lovely ladies who I already supported through blogging and also some beautiful new faces! If you're reading this it was so lovely to meet you guys and I hope to see you all soon at other events! (I love how events bring other bloggers together, it seriously is one of the best things ever!)

I will add a few images from the night here;

There was an amazing Gingerbread decoration workshop with freshly baked gingerbread and different condiments! This was super fun! Thanks Timeforsweetpea :-)

Just look at all those prints!

Interior goals right here! Thanks Joanie and Leaf for the gorgeous set up. 

Also, singer Becki sings was there to sing us some festive tunes and keep us all in the festive spirit! I absolutely loved her voice and her vintage style! She got me dancing a little which is a big deal for me, as I dance like a robot! LOL!

We also got gifted a gorgeous goody bag at the end of the night, which included some goodies from Joanie themselves, a happiness planner, vouchers, choc and ginger beer! Thank you guys for these lovely gifts and for an absolutely amazing night, one I'll never forget.

Check out these lovely websites!

Joanie website; https://joanieclothing.com/

Here are the social handles and more mentions;

@Leafonportlandst - Thank you for the gorgeous setting
@happinessplanner - I love the happiness planner, I have started to use it and love the positive vibe it gives off.
@FentimansLtd - Thank you for the ginger beer! I loved the festive taste. 
@skinhealthspa - Thank you so much for the voucher :)
@flintplusflint Thank you so much :)
@williescacao - The chocolate was so yummy, thanks!


Disclaimer; I was invited to the event, blog post, photo's, and words my own. :)


Monday, 20 November 2017

Moonstone star studs c/o Moonstone Magic Jewelry

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog. 

I recently received these gorgeous star studs from the following website; https://www.moonstoneshop.com/

I absolutely love them. So first of all when I was on their website, I was spoilt for choice by the beautiful jewellery which is 925 sterling silver can I just add! I fancied some new earrings as this is my favourite type of jewellery to wear.

The customer service was fantastic! Super friendly and a pleasure to work with. Also, the postage was pretty quick to, took less than a week for the earrings to arrive! I was so excited about this because I couldn't wait to style them.

They have a vintage and boho style about them, which I love to add a bit of interest to a plain outfit. 

Moonstone Earrings - Star Studs, click here 
They are $25 or £19.04 - bargain!

I have some good news! Not only is the jewellery silver, but they include the gorgeous moonstone in them. Reflecting a gorgeous blue/purple colour in the light, and looking pearlescent in the more darker lights! 

Thank you guys for reading, and don't forget to check their lovely website out for more beautiful jewellery. Rings, earrings, necklaces, you name it!


Disclaimer; this blog post was in collaboration with Moonstone Jewelry, I was kindly gifted the earrings. All words and styling my own. :)


Monday, 6 November 2017

Blow LTD - a chance of a salon experience in your own home!

Hello guys, happy November and welcome back to my blog you lovely people.

Recently, I kindly got invited to an event of a new salon opening up in Debenhams, Manchester on Market Street (the one close to the tram stop).

What is Blow LTD?

Blow LTD is a salon which offer different treatments such as gorgeous blow dries, hair styling, nails and make up to! You can pop in or they can come to your house and you can get all dolled up from home. All you have to do is download the app and sign up there!

So if it's raining outside, there is a few of you girls getting ready together, or you just want to be in the comfort of your own home, look no further and one of the stylists can come to your house! Love it.

Check out my vlog where I explain more; https://youtu.be/3DFPytyZQu0

Check their website out here to book now!!! https://www.blowltd.com/

Thank you guys for having us, I love the idea.


Disclaimer; I received a complimentary blow dry and an invitation to the opening event. I chose to do my own review and vlog. :)

Friday, 20 October 2017

Love-laughter-fashion C/O Case Station

Hey my lovely readers of Love-Laughter-Fashion!

Check out my new phone case!! I literally loveeeee it. So personal and all exactly I could imagine in a phone case & much more. 

This is from a site called Case Station UK. Check them out here. Not only do they have a massive selection of phone cases on site - you can personalise them with text or photos! Incredible!

It gets ever better guys! They currently design Apple watch straps to - amazing. 

Go and check them out.

I have some more exciting news! They have a giveaway at the moment to, so up for grabs is a;

  • Apple watch series 2
  • A personalised strap 
  • And a phone case all personalised to! 

To enter click the following link  and answer just a few questions for the change to WIN; https://uk.casestation.com/apple-watch-giveaway/ and here are the terms and conditions; https://uk.casestation.com/2017/10/09/win-apple-watch-ts-cs/

Thank you for reading guys,
Love Tash

Disclaimer; this post was in collaboration with Case Station UK, all styling and words my own.


Monday, 16 October 2017

My love for purple C/O Gem and Co x

Hey beauties. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Today I bring you a collaboration with a jewellery company called Gem & Co.  The jewellery is handcrafted in Canada.

They sell the most gorgeous jewellery and are such friendly people! Definitely recommend you going on their website if you are wanting to buy some new jewellery, they sell chokers, layering necklaces and all things gorgeous! Go check them out here!

I always tend to choose jewellery which includes a purple colour! I love purple, or lilac. This is my birthstone colour, amethyst for February! I just love purple jewellery. 

These are my Pandora rings!
Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post,
Love Tash

Sophie necklace, $34.97, here

Disclaimer; this was in collaboration with Gem and Co, all styling and words my own. 


Sunday, 8 October 2017

How my blog has evolved over this past year... LOL

Hey guys, so I have been thinking to do this type of post for a while now, so here goes...

I'm going to take you through my whole blogging journey. From when I first started, what I have learnt along the way and how my confidence has grown over the past year.

^^^ The quality of these photos are not that great LOL! Looking at them now. At the time, I thought they were amazing, as did you guys! But regardless of the quality, these first few photos are what made me realise I loved to share my style with the world and it doesn't matter about the quality as that didn't matter at the time.

^^^ My pose in this is really unnatural and forced. It takes time to become confident infront of the camera, but it will happen eventually, it just takes time! Now I can take a photo and make it look natural within seconds, as it's pretty much a habit. (Isn't it Jord...."lets just take an OOTD before we go out")

^^^ When I found my love for shooting in Manchester rather than just the garden. This was a massive deal shooting in public. 

^^ I found a love for graffiti and anything colourful! I was realising my personal style and what works for me! I also started using my Canon camera which my lovely mum bought me for my 21st birthday and I then extended my photography skills and purchased some editing software.

I then started to venture out more and started to meet other bloggers! Which felt amazing - I was and still am making friends through my blogging experience each and everyday. Such a lovely community to be apart of!

I found my love for street photography on this day, I knew that street photography was my favourite backdrop!

^^^ I started playing with my angles and testing out different poses! Now I am little more confident infront of the camera (to an extent) I still get nervous if people are walking past lol!

There we have it, just a few of my photo's looking back on when I was a newbie to now! Wow I have changed my hair lots, LOL! I'm changing it again on Sunday. But yeah if you are thinking of starting to blog, my point is, don't worry about the steps you take into your journey, don't worry about what camera you are using, how you're posing etc, just have fun with it. I did, and I've learnt along the way. If I can do it, so can you!

Thanks for reading lovelies,
Tash xx 


Friday, 22 September 2017

Why I love Manchester c/o Becky's Boutique

Hello guys,

Hope you've all had a brilliant week!

So today I bring you a collaboration with a lovely jewellery company which I stumbled across on good ol' Instagram. I was super excited when they said they would collaborate as their jewellery is right up my street and jewellery is a love of mine!

Becky's Boutique is a gorgeous boutique inspired by nature. #wearingBBhandmade. You can find their website by etsy here. They sell a variety of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets!

 Dainty, handmade, and simply beautiful.

So I happily chose the bee two piece, studs and a necklace in silver. I love bees because the symbol can not only be inspired by nature, but by my home town and city, Manchester.

Here I have listed a few of my favourite things about Manchester;
  • The people - my family, friends and loved ones! I love you all.
  • Shopping - the shopping here is incredible, there are plenty of places to shop!
  • The food - mixture of food available in all areas
  • Music - love music 

 So there we have it... just a few of the reasons I love Manchester and why I love being a Mancunian! 
Are you from Manchester or have you visited before? I'd love to hear, comment below.

For now, check out Becky's Boutique for more jewellery inspo HERE.


Silver bee necklace, £24, Becky's Boutique 
Silver bee studs, £15

 Disclaimer; this was a collaboration with Becky's Boutique, styling and words my own.

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