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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Review of Sudio Sweden earphones

Hey there lovelies, and happy Sunday,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week.

Today I bring you my latest collaboration with Sudio Sweden. They sell the most elegant of earphones, varying in size, colour and price. 

The fact these minimalistic Sudio Bluetooth Earphones are wireless rings very technical to me. As I am not very good at setting up gadgets of such, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to pair these up through bluetooth. However, the earphones come with a manual book and a step by step card to support you in the process, which was so helpful.

Once I was set up and ready to listen to some music, I was amazed at the quality of the sound (and they are described to have studio quality sound), and the buttons on the earphones allowed me to turn the volume up and down, and has other controls to.  

The earphones came with a guarantee certificate, different size sleeves, a clasp, a charging cable and a leather case to carry them in! The delivery was super fast and the customer service was absolutely fantastic!

Overall, I am amazed at these earphones, they are ever so elegant with the rose gold touch and the white design. Listening to music is so much more easy now, no more de-tangling and if I ever choose to exercise, I know I'm ready to go with these Sudio earphones. Thank-you Sudio Sweden.

Take a look at www.sudiosweden.com for the full range of earphones, and use code LLF15 for 15% off. :-)

Thank you for reading,
VASA BLĂ… - Rose gold white, £69, Sudio sweden

Disclaimer; This is a collaboration with Sudio, words and images my own.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Keeping warm with ilymix.com

Hey guys!

I thought it was most definitely time to start wearing scarves now, I love Autumn/Winter because you can accesorise your outfits more by adding that finishing touch with a scarf or a hat.

I received this beautiful scarf from ilymix.com. They sell the most beautiful jewellery and accesories including scarves. With the scarves starting from the price of $22.90. You can see their website here;

They are packaged beautifully, with a quote and with your name which gives it that personal touch.

The material and texture of this scarf is the softest I have ever felt and not to mention, so warm! Perfect for them cold days out. With this being a blanket scarf, it is perfect to wrap around as a shawl, or just wear it around the neck as a scarf. There are many styles to choose from on the website to, and best of all, worldwide free shipping! If you see one you fancy you can use the code 'Natasha20' for 20% discount.

I'm excited to take my scarf on many Winter adventures this year,

Tash xx

Disclaimer; This was a collaboration with ilymix.com. Styling and words my own. 

Saturday, 15 October 2016

My take on Vintage with Twisted Sista VTG

Happy Saturday guys.. Hope you are all OK.

Today, I bring you a collaboration
 with Twisted Sista VTG, you can see their Depop featuring their gorgeous vintage pieces, HERE.

I chose this beautiful vibrant blouse. The lilac shades really caught my eye. I love vintage pieces more than ever at the moment and these are the reasons why;

  • They all have a story and have been on many days out! I like the fact they have been styled in many different ways and worn on many people's adventures, with stories to tell. (if they could talk of course, LOL).
  • They are unique, and so you are not going to bump into somebody with the same item.
  • They are so versatile when it comes to styling. For example, this shirt can be styled tucked in, out, buttoned, unbuttoned etc. I know all clothes can be, but this can be mixed up with a more modern item of clothing or with other vintage pieces for that mixed fashion look.

How would you style this blouse, and what do you like best about vintage pieces? I'd love to hear.

Search for 'ohsovintage' on Depop for their gorgeous vintage reasonable priced one-offs which are in amazing condition and fast postage!

Tash xx


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Sail away with Sailbrace

Hey lovely people! Hope you are all well and thank you for coming back to visit my blog.

Today, I have a brand new exciting collaboration with a company called Sailbrace. They sell the most beautful handcrafted bracelets with of course, an anchor feature on them. 

They are very minimalistic and create that real simple feminine touch to an outfit. I chose the black bracelet with the rose gold feature on them. There are plenty to choose from, with different colour ropes/anchors.

I thought I would take you guys through some of my sailing experience if any of you are interested;

I remember going on a boat back when I was a child, it is so daunting to first step foot onto a boat. I remember feeling sea sick straight away and this put me off for years! Then, a few years later, I was in Portugal when there was a chance to go on a speedboat to watch dolphins, and this was the moment I decided I much preferred faster travel on sea. Most recently this summer, I went to New York and travelled across a little water to get to Ellis Island to see the Statue of Liberty, this was a cooling slow ride, which I really enjoyed with the wind blowing in my hair.

Thanks for reading guys,
Tash xx

Click here to view their website and use code love-laughter-fashion for 15% off these beautiful bracelets!

Disclaimer; This is a collaboration with Sailbrace and all styling and words are my own.


Sunday, 9 October 2016

Things I love about Autumn with Hillhouse Vtg

Hello lovelies...

So, I loved my first bag from Hillhouse Vtg, I had to purchase another. (I decided to tie a scarf on it for an extra vintage touch).

I'm absolutely loving the pop of colour this bag has. The bright red colour is a perfect festive colour and I will be definitely rockin' this bag up for these next couple of seasons. As the bag is perfect for Autumn, I thought it was appropriate to do a 'what I love about Autumn' kinda post, so here we go;

  • The feeling of getting in from a long day to get all toasty and warm, particularly with a hot drink of some kind and a warm meal such as stew!
  • The colour of the leaves changing, the leaves on the floor. (You have just gotta be careful you don't stand in something not so pleasant- anyone else cautious of this? LOL)
  • The fashion of course, I love the red's, brown's and the darker shades of clothing, as well as the hats and accesories to keep you that extra bit warm.
  • The fact it is a season before Christmas!

I styled this red bag with my new burgundy retro striped top and cord cropped trousers for that Autumn look.

Check out Hillhouse vintage here for amazing vintage bags! Use code Natasha20 for %20 off their affordable one-offs!

What do you guys love about Autumn?

Tash xx

Vintage bag, Hillhouse Vintage
Striped top, £5, Everything5Pounds
Cropped trousers, £5, Everything5Pounds
Vintage scarf, £1.99, Barnardo's Vintage

Friday, 7 October 2016

Barnardo's Vintage store | Cheadle

Hello lovelies and Happy FriYAY!

Hope you have all had an awesome week. Last week, I popped into the Barnardo's vintage store for their Autumn/Winter stock preview event. I have been in this store once before and I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of this shop, that much I wanted to photograph it and write a blog post featuring it.

Their stock ranges from vintage clothing, to childrenswear, houseware and much more. 

Just take a second to appreciate the amazement of the changing room! The decor of this store is gorgeous, including the shop window, drawing my attention to walk in for the first time. If you are a fan of the vintage era, I really recommend you take a look in here, it is the only vintage Barnardo's which makes it that little bit more extra special and is all for a fantastic cause!

Take a look HERE for directions for this beautiful store.

Thanks for reading,
Tash xx


Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Decorating class | HeyLittleCupcake x TheHut.com

Hello guys!

Happy Tuesday - Hope you are all well & caution; if you are hungry (look away now) LOL!

Well, last week, I was invited to a Decorating Cupcake class which took place at Manchester's Spinningfields Hey Little Cupcake store! In co-operation with thehut.com (an online store which sells almost everything!)

The moment I walked into the store, I knew my sense of smell was in full works, the smell of cakes were absolutely divine and encouraged my cravings! - The store was all pink, pretty and oh so girly. I already knew this was going to be a great night.

We were taught by one of the talented bakers', Sean. (Thanks Sean - I felt like I learnt a lot and will definitely take the skills you taught me into my own baking mindset!)

The decorating class included the bakers sitting down at the tables with fun aprons, with a step-by-step lesson of how to decorate the cakes. We first made the roses with sugar paste and then piped the buttercream on the cake, with a few tips and tricks to remember along the way. Finishing off with a competition at who did the best decorating. I would defintely recommend the classes there, they are brilliant!

At the end of the night I was given a beautiful gift, it was a mug which said #selfie on it! I absolutely loved this - thank you so much Lily & The Hut team, I am forever grateful.

What do you like to bake?

Thanks for reading,
Tash xx

Check them out here;


Saturday, 1 October 2016

My new bag with Hillhouse Vintage

Hey you beautiful people,

Today, I bring you one of my latest and exciting collaborations, with the lovely Hillhouse Vintage boutique and you can find them here via, Asos Marketplace.

They sell the most beautiful of one-off bags and I would describe them as classic and unique, with them of course being vintage. Their bags come in different styles and start from the price of just £7.50! Such a bargain of a price if you ask me!

I decided to go for this Hinged patchwork bag, the dark shade of brown with hints of burgundy really did catch my eye, and I thought it seemed like fate to get this, considering Autumn is here and burgundy is an Autumnal colour. Second of all, the patchwork detail is absolutely beautiful, with patent, faux snake print and a faux suede material. PERFECT! Not to mention the bag has a flip lip to close the bag with the most gorgeous gold hardwear and hinges, again perfect for this time of year.

I styled this bag with my black jumper dress and bowler hat from Boohoo.com, as it is getting cooler here in the UK.  

Patchwork bag, Hillhouse Vintage @ Asos marketplace, click here to browse their boutique. If you see anything you like you can get 20% off if you use the promo code; Natasha20

Thanks for reading guys, have you ever ordered from Hillhouse vintage, or will you be purchasing anytime soon?

Love, Tash xx

Zoe Jumper Dress (also comes in grey), £15, Boohoo
Bowler hat (also comes in Navy), £10, Boohoo
Click here to browse their sites;
Asos Marketplace

Disclaimer; This is a collaboration with Hillhouse Vintage - styling and words my own.
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