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Friday, 24 June 2016

Ruffles ruffles ruffles

Well, hey there you lovely lot! Happy FriYAY! - hope you have a good one. x 

I have had my eye on this dress for a few weeks now. I first checked the lovely ASOS and it looked absolutely beaut on the model and I seriously needed this dress in my life, I went to get it and as I scrolled to my size I was absolutely gutted they didn't have it my size! It was low stock from the first time I seen it, which just shows how popular it must be. 

So... I was browsing the ASOS website looking for some denim shorts for my jolly holidays and £50 later I had purchased the shorts and the dress was back in stock! Woo, this made my day and I instantly had to pay for next day delivery as I was so excited. 

They had this dress in both cream and pink, I am not really a lover of any of these colours as most of my wardrobe is darks, (navy's and blacks) and this is because I feel I do not really suit the lighter shades - however, it is summer after all and I thought I could take this beauty along to New York with me, why not? 

I decided to go for the pink shade, it is like a dusty pink so is not too bright nor too pale. My fave part of the dress has to be the ruffle detail, I absolutely love ruffles and I have noticed that ruffles are a big trend this season. I had to jump on this bandwagon of course. I also liked the lace effect this dress has and because it is see-through, it comes with a cami dress in a matching colour to wear underneath. Oh, did I mention it is a swing dress style which gives it that more relaxed and comfy look, so ofc I had to pair this with my almighty converse for that laid back feel and a black bow choker also from ASOS. 

Photo cred to my lovely brother! (who I think maybe was a tad embarrassed, cheers bro)

What do you guys think of this outfit? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. 

Just a quick message guys, I won't be blogging for a few weeks as I'm having an operation tomorrow on my nose! - so nervous! Speak to you guys soon! x

ASOS Lace Swing Dress with Ruffle Yoke, £30, ASOS
ASOS Bow Choker Necklace, £6, ASOS
Black high top Converse, £48, Schuh

Thank you guys for reading,
Tash xx


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Denim jumpsuit

Hello guys! Thank you for coming back to visit my blog, I really do appreciate all of you taking the time to read my posts! :-)

I have never really been a fan of jumpsuits or playsuits/jumpsuits, 1.because they are awkward when you need the loo, and 2. because I find them hard to fit just right. However.....changing my mind completely when I say this as I fell in love with this denim number from New Look! I love denim and I love culottes, so I found this the perfect piece for my Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

I love the small details this has, it is a high neck style at the top, with no sleeves and is cropped at the bottom to make it extra summery. It also has cut outs at the side to break up that whole denim look. I styled this with my black Converse from Schuh, an old black fringed bag and my black bow choker necklace from Asos. - and a trusty faux leather biker jacket that goes with just about everythin'!

What are your thoughts?

Black high top converse, £48, Schuh
Denim jumpsuit, £29.99, New Look
Black bow choker, £6, Asos

Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend, love
Tash xx


Sunday, 12 June 2016

My glasses

Hey there guys.
I hope you have all had a lovely week and weekend so far. If you live in the UK what is this weather about, may somebody please explain? Sunny one week, rain the next! Lets hope our Summer hasn't ended here. This goes on to explain why I cannot get any photos on location this weekend, so I came up with the idea to do my hair, do my makeup and show you guys my collection of glasses!

Background history

I had glasses when I was younger. As I grew older, my vision was fine. Until around five years ago when I needed glasses for the distance as I am short sighted. Then around two years ago, I found out I needed glasses full time. I was thrilled! I actually love glasses, I feel they are an extra accessory to my face and feel they finish my face off. When I take them off now, I feel incomplete!

How do I choose my glasses?

Choosing glasses can always be a tough choice. It most definitely is for me, I spend hours talking to the staff about which ones suit me best, and always need my mum there to help me choose!! (Tip; I always tend to choose which suits my hair colour, eye colour and the type of clothes I wear).

Anyway.. I wanted to show you guys my collection of glasses all from Specsavers. Specsavers also have an app on the app store on Iphone and Androids, and you can take a picture of yourself and try the glasses on through this. I buy new glasses even when my prescription doesn't change as I feel my glasses should match my outfits, strange right?! 

Here they are...

Starting with this pair of beauties, they are my oldest ones which I still wear. These are a brown Specsavers frame, they are tortoise shell colour. I love these as I feel they are my biggest ones in terms of frames and they really give that 'geek chic' touch to an outfit (which if you know me, you know this is my kinda look ;)). 

My next glasses are from the Max&co range (which is such a fab brand with plenty selection), I feel these are very classy and work well with black outfits and remind me of the cateye vintage look.

Moving onto another pair of Max&co glasses. They are very similar to my first ones, however are a thicker frame and look great with neutral make up and clothes and I feel are great for the sunnier days.

These next two are my most recent pairs, with my correct current prescription. I picked another pair of glasses from the Specsavers range, and these are a blue frame, with speckles of different shades in, I like to called them my 'ocean' glasses as when the light hits them they give off some incredible colours which I feel resemble the ocean (cheesy I know haha). I must say I have had the most compliments with these glasses and they may be my fave. I then had always wanted some Hugo Boss ones.. These were on offer as they were the last pair but I loved the colour of them, I feel these don't suit my shape of my face as much as the others but the fact they are Hugo Boss wins for me. 

Specsavers tortiose shell frame (similar to the ones I have), £25, Specsavers
Max&Co 01 (brown), £149, Specsavers 
Max & Co 03, (similar to the black ones I have), £149, Specsavers
Specsavers Athena (blue) glasses, £69, Specsavers
Hugo boss, (similar to the pink ones I have), £125, Specsavers

Can I just mention aswell that they are not as expensive as they seem! As they mainly have offers on such as two for one if over £69. Click here for the page of offers. 

So what did you guys think of this type of post?
Also which glasses are your fave? Please say in the comments!
Tash xx 


Saturday, 4 June 2016

Festival ready

Hello guys.

As Summer is in full swing right now, I thought it would be an appropriate time to do a different type of blog post, on Summer hairstyles which I feel are appropriate for Summer days and festivals in particular. 

This is really exciting for me as the content of this post is totally different to what I'm used to writing. Let me know what you think, your opinions are completely appreciated.

My first style is obviously (if you didn't already guess) the dutch braid. I love this hairstyle. I think it looks particularly good with a messy kind of effect. However, everybody has their preferences, how do you style yours?

Add a bandana for a more edgy look!

Secondly, my next hair style is the sleek straight hair down look with a middle parting. I feel this can look really effective as it is so simple, however gives that sleek effortless look and can show off your length and colour too.

I love sunflowers and I had to get this headband when I saw it, this gives the hair a whole bohemian look as well as a summery one.

Thirdly, I love the messy bun! This is a messy, edgy kind of hairstyle which can be dressed up or down depending on the desired look. (Like, who doesn't like the messy bun no make up days?) 

Finally, the most fun hairstyle saved until last (I hope)! Space buns! No idea where this name came from like but anyways, this is possibly the most cutest, fun hairstyle like ever. This is perfect for festival season and I reckon this is the most popular hairstyle this season. (I added a little glitter at the roots to make it even more FUN!)

Well, that is all for today (gotta go wash my hair I'm full of glitter!), I really hope you enjoyed my hairstyles and please let me know if you like any of these in particular, which one is your favourite? I am thinking of starting a Vlog so let me know if you would like me to do a tutorial of any of these hairstyles, I definitely will try my best and maybe my starting point can be from here.

Thank you for reading lovelies.
Enjoy your week. :-)
Tash xx 


Friday, 3 June 2016

June Haul

Hello there guys. Hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoy your weekend! I have had a lovely week and have got some new goodies to show you. This post is about all of the beaut items I have treated myself to this month, therefore have named it 'June Haul' as it is not on something specific.

So, I went shopping yesterday, with my lovely friend Katie, who has been my absolute rock during my blogging experience who is also now a very dear friend. Check out her blog here, (she is so lovely!) She is most definitely my inspiration when it comes down to fashion. 

Anyhow.. Starting off with this leopard print cami slip dress. This was from Primark and it was on sale from £8 to £6 and I just had to scoop this up. This was such a good price and I thought it would look cute paired with a black tee and some converse for the more casual laid back look. Can I just add they had lots of these in a variety of colours so if the bold print is not for you, they certainly have something for everyone and at such a bargain price you cannot really turn it down.

I think it would look gorgeous paired with tights too, for the colder weather. (Big apologies for the photos - the quality is not that good) -  it was super bright and my lenses on my glasses are most definitely not anti-reflect!

Whilst we were in Primark, I picked up this beautiful A-Line denim skirt. The colour of the embroidery caught my eye and was the reason I bought this. This will look so cute styled with anything. I reckon this will be my most versatile type of clothing in my summer wardrobe so far. What would you wear your denim skirt with?

Just look at the detail! :-)

Tie dye dress is from Missguided, I love this! It is super comfy and casual. This is perfect for festival season.

And last not at least... my new babies! I have wanted a pair of black high top converse for a while now, they are sooo comfortable and casual and I love the laid back look they give. They can be worn with almost everything too, I can just see me not taking these off anytime soon.

Anyway, I would love to hear what you think, so please do feel free to comment below, how would you style a cami dress? or a denim skirt? What do you wear your converse with?

I really appreciate you taking your time to read this and all comments are greatly appreciated!

Tash xx

Black high top converse, £48, Schuh
Cami slip dress, Primark, £6
Denim skirt, Primark, £12
Black t shirt, Primark (old)
Studded choker, £6, Asos
Tie dye dress, £15, Missguided
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